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Porter-Cable Hand Planer

Porter-Cable PC60THPK is a blessing for contractors and for almost all people who are in their quest of looking for the great hand planer.

Porter-Cable Hand Planer

It is made with heavy duty motor which will offer you with the smoothest cutting experience even if you will use it for hard materials.

In addition to that, this comes with low profile attributes and easy adjustments to provide you with comfort when used.

There is also additional chamfer grooves as well as longer shoe in every deal that you will purchase.

Not only are those, It is also made with dust extraction capabilities so that you can use it with ease and without experiencing any form of discomfort.

The durable construction of Porter-Cable PC60THPK is also one of its bests. This will last for longer use.

There is no motor exhaustion that you will experience when using this planer.

This implies that you can do all the tasks that you need to do in a very comfortable and an excellent way.

Keep in mind that it is offered in different online stores.

Thus, this means that you will also encounter different prices online.

To know the near to the exact amount of money you have to secure, it is important that you will learn the price range of this product. Particularly, you will see deals offered ranging from $91.88 up to $153.00.

However, you have the chance to obtain products offered in lower amounts as what was stated in this price range.

The approximate warranty for this product is about one to three years.

Regardless of your needs, this is good hand planer for you.


  • It is crafted with heavy duty motor providing you with the smoothest cutting experience even if you will use it for hard materials.
  • There is also 5/64 inches cut depth which will eliminate too many materials in lesser span of time.
  • You can also expect that it comes with 0.47 inches rabbit depth.
  • This machine makes use of carbide or also called as HSS blades. This is the feature of this planer that will offer a great deal of flexibly making every task a lot efficient and easy to perform.

It is built with 11.5 inches cast aluminum. This property of the product will offer you extra control as well as more excellent quality of finish.


  • The mold case of PC60THPK is one of its aces.
  • This makes the machine a lot durable and good for long lasting use.
  • The reversible blades are also one of its strengths.
  • Using these blades will let you enjoy smooth cutting experience which is not possible to other machines especially when you will use it for hard surfaces.
  • The blades present will also make the output almost perfect.
  • Cleaning the workplace has never been that easy before PC60THPK was introduced to the market.

It is right to mention that the dust extraction capabilities of this product make it even more ahead of its other competitors present in the field. Surely, you will find this a lot useful as you already use the product.


  • As far as neutral review is concerned, the product will truly offer you nothing but the best. This comes with the exact features you are looking for in planers.
  • In addition to that, the price is just properly set.
  • You do not need to spend high amounts of money in order to purchase the product.
  • No wonder why there are so many people from the different parts of the world who are searching for a unit of this Planer.

The accessibility is not a problem since you can purchase this locally and though the online resources.

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Undeniably, Porter-Cable PC60THPK is one of the great hand planers for you. This will offer you with high class and competent features. It has already been enjoyed by many people.

When it comes to the price, It is surely beyond your financial resources. This is not too expensive unlike the other selections of products that you can find in the market today.

To further enjoy the presence and use of this machine, it is best to obtain the product from reliable sources online.