World’s dumbest-looking Hard Rock is going to be shaped like an enormous guitar

You Can Hit The High Notes at The Guitar Shaped Hard Rock Hotel
A touch of Hollywood is coming to Hollywood, Florida in the year 2019 when the guitar-shaped Hard Rock Hotel will open for business. It is going to be thirty-six stories tall and will be a massive 450 square foot guitar shaped hotel. This hotel is going to double the size of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino and will cost $1.5 billion. James F. Allen, the longtime CEO of Seminole Gaming and Chairman of Hard Rock International is the one who thought of this hotel and it is his vision. He told the press that it will be the first building in the world that is really made to resemble a true-to-live guitar. Regarding the guitar shape of the hotel, Mr. Allen said that not only will the outside of the building look like a guitar, but the curving of the building will as well. He also said that the company believes that this hotel will be a “must-see” attraction. This hotel is going to add a lot of great features to the existing hotel and casino.

When this hotel is complete, it is going to add many great features to the existing hotel and casino. Upon completion of this hotel project, there will be 638 additional rooms and suites (which makes a total of 1,270 rooms), and it will also have a 41,000 square foot spa and a lot of restaurants and lounges. The casino will have 3,267 slot machines and 178 table games (like Blackjack and Baccarat), and a new 18,000 square foot poker room. While you are looking at the hotel in amazement, you will have access to the acres of space on this property and at its base that will have cabanas that guests can have all to themselves, with plunge pools, a lot of waterfalls, eating right in the beach club, and watersports. Mr. Allen also said that the hotel will Chickees submerged in water with places to sleep and bathe, and a full butler service built into the pool itself. It will also have the largest Hard Rock Cafe ever built that will seat four times as many guests as the original London restaurant. Because of its lighting and shape, it will also be able to clearly see from the air in an airplane. The guitar shape is unique in itself.

The shape of this guitar is very special and is truly one-of-a-kind. Its neck is 300 feet long, with the keys that tune it being silver, and a roof that allows light to pass through and has a lot of fiber-optic strands to make them look like guitar strings. The neck that goes over the highway acts as the entryway for non-Universal guests. People that visit the theme park will enter through a gate where they will get their hand stamped and then go into a plaza that is shaped like a record. In the body of the guitar, there will be a three-story restaurant. Except for the retail store and the plaza on the bottom floor, just the two upper floors will be open to the public. The cafe will have its traditional guitar bar and this one is designed to look like a guitar that Charlie Daniels gave to Hard Rock. As a company that is known for its music decor, memorabilia, and theme, this hotel will be no different.

Just like many Hard Rock hotels and restaurants before it, this hotel has music as its theme. There will be three stained glass windows that are two stories tall, that will be a tribute to rock stars like Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Items that will bring back memories of rock and roll in the past will be placed all throughout the building that includes a costume that belonged to Elton John and a real KGB uniform from the Moscow Music Peace Festival. When you shop at the store, you will see walls that are finished with bricks that came from the club in Liverpool where The Beatles sang for the first time. Other items will come from Hard Rock Cafe’s extensive collection of memorabilia. These items include Elvis Presley’s jeweled Vegas suit, Keith Richards’ five-string guitar, John Lennon’s handwritten lyrics to “Imagine” and Prince’s “Purple Rain” coat. It will also have some movie memorabilia like Barbara Eden’s “I Dream of Jeannie” costume and it will be mounted in the function room.

Finally, this hotel has a beautiful design. The function room has beautiful wooden panels that line the lower part of the walls of the room and a mantelpiece that was carved in 1820. There is also other woodwork from an 1895 New England mansion.Some people may think it looks dumb because it is shaped like a guitar. What we hope is that you will want to hit the high notes after you come stay in this hotel and eat, gamble, and shop there as well.